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My Services

Trauma, anxiety and depression, along with grief, relationship breakdowns and loss of purpose in life are area's that can affect our mental health, and that is where having a safe space to talk to someone can be very supportive.


Counselling is a primarily a talking therapy which draws on different theoretical approaches to help you understand your thoughts, behaviours, feelings and situations that you are experiencing.

As I work holistically, I might draw attention to how your body is feeling, work mindfully with compassion focused therapy or use somatic tools to enhance the therapeutic process.  Likewise, if it is appropriate and you are happy to, I might include more creative aspects to the therapy, bringing in different modes of working which will add a different dimension to the counselling space.

I prefer to see you in person, however if this is not possible, I offer Zoom sessions.
Both types of sessions are time for you to explore in a non-judgmental and empathetic space what is concerning you.



I love working with counsellors (both qualified and in training) to bring out the best in their work with clients and to support them to become the best version of themselves within the therapeutic setting.

It is collaborative work, two professionals working together to find solutions to different ethical issues and to work together to ensure that the client is being safely cared for within the therapeutic setting.

Nature Therapy

This is a service that takes place within the natural world, taking form of a walk and talk or a more in-depth therapeutic session using nature as a metaphor, a mirror and a guide to our internal processes. 

This can be a stand-alone session, a one-off session within your more regular counselling sessions or we can agree to meet outdoors regularly.

I will choose an outdoor space that has easy parking, is within easy reach for both of us and it will have been risk assessed prior to our meeting.  I will do my best to provide an alternative space should the weather be uninviting, and we will agree to what and where that may be.

The natural world has a powerful source of therapeutic material available to us. By acting as a facilitator, I can help you to work with what is present for you, using the gifts given to us in the moment by nature to help you tap into the resources within you and around you, to enhance your wellbeing.

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